“Society Futbola Parks Academy (further - Parks) founded on 15 of January 2019. The beginning of Parks goes back to February of 2016, when the first students enrolled in Jugla and Āgenskalns office. The founder Kristaps Slaidiņš has set a goal - to establish a qualitative football academy by supporting and helping the students to grow and develop in Latvia, while promoting the football system of the Republic of Latvia.”


Our biggest challenge - by applying friendly training methodology where the requirements of coaches are the same as the abilities of the students, to give an opportunity to each and every student to open the doors for a better future
Create a positive and engaging learning environment based on the values of responsibility, dignity and professional approach, where students are challenged to understand the game, make amazing decisions and be a better person. To promote passion, winner mentality and love for the game. A good athlete stands out in every aspect of life 

We appreciate:

an honest understanding of the fundamental values of life;
respectful and supporting mutual relationships between students, parents and coaches;
the development of a personality that is goal oriented and results-driven;
At the same time we do not forget that laughing is a gift for the humanity that helps to cope with everyday troubles and makes us feel better, therefore we make sure that in our Parks we hear it often. 

To become the best youth football academy in Latvia, both on and off the field.

To build a healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally developed personality, who is motivated by an active lifestyle, and who is aware of the positive effects of sports in shaping an individual’s personality;
To involve more and more children into sports, and give the opportunity to play football to everyone;
To promote football in Latvia;
To strengthen the role of football among children, youth and adults;
To develop and improve professional sports education football programmes;
To educate highly skilled football players;
To participate in competitions, events and activities of different levels;
To organise competitions and other type of sports events and activities of different levels;
To upskill the qualifications and training techniques of football coaches;
To develop and maintain an adequate sports and football centre;
To methodologically and practically collaborate with clubs, organisations, institutions, companies, businessmen, municipalities i.a. in Latvia and abroad. 

We are responsible for the use and development of our individual and collective capabilities to achieve outstanding results for both the person and society.
We show respect to others’ values, rights and needs and we take into account the diversity that each and every person has to offer notwithstanding the culture, orientation, race, class or gender.
We fulfill our responsibilities to be the best in our professional discipline by scientifically, precisely and firmly applying the best methods. 

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